For over 25 years, Avril has supported the awakening of consciousness on this planet, for people in more than 61 countries!

Avril is a Soul Communicator, having a profound ability to see what an individual needs, to balance, bring deep harmony, energy and life force. As an initiated shaman and medicine woman, she also utilises the wisdom of helpful energies in the universe to guide and support.

Despite her big spiritual connection and energy field, Avril is also very grounded, bringing practical earthly solutions to everyday life situations. Her sessions and classes have built up a 'word-of-mouth' following, from so many countries without her ever advertising. This is because the results she helps clients achieve, speak for themselves. People can't help but share their profound experience with Avril.

Who Teaches, The Spiritual Teachers?

Avril has been the go-to support system for some of the most influential spiritual teachers of our time. With Avril, you get profound experience, deep knowledge and a person totally dedicated to your liberation into love, light and laughter. This is why some of the people who know, choose her, for their spiritual education, advancement and support.

Avril has been called a 'Force of Nature', by Her Clients & called 'The Spiritual Version of Google' by Her Students.

Avril believes: your Soul's wisdom, holds the keys to your happiness. Isn't it time you felt great and had fun living? You are alive at this profound time of human evolution, because you are meant to be here, contributing your unique greatness and living the life of your dreams. You need to be thriving in all areas of your existence to truly serve humanity in the way you came to. Bringing all of your gifts to this world is imperative, to contribute to the wellbeing of everyone right now. This planet needs you, fully activated and living the very best version of your life.

Offering sessions to help you hear your Soul... For more than 25 years, Avril has been helping people from all over the world, to discover their Soul's wisdom. Avril believes becoming whole, can allow the magnificence inside each of us, to shine through. When we are all living deliberately and on purpose, our world becomes more luminous, even in the most difficult of times.

Avril's Mission:
Make Life The Primary Objective

If we all place the wellbeing of life first, we will be happy, the planet will be healthy, the future for all, will be marvellous.
Avril's Values:
Each Soul has a resource of wisdom
Avril will work together with you, within your framework, your way, with lots of practical help and soulful understanding.
Avril's Qualifications:
We should never stop learning
University trained, shamanically initiated, constant growth and learning and 25 years of hands-on experience, you can trust.

Positive Reviews Offered by Thousands of Clients

Only 3 negative reviews from around 40,000 sessions! People have been offering feedback without being asked, for years. They feel so inspired, they can't help but say, thank you, for the experience Avril brings them, with their own Soul's wisdom. Avril is genuine, as is her desire to make this world a better place, co-creating happiness and empowerment, one person at a time.

Avril's qualifications

- Bachelor of Social Science majoring in psychology, counselling, human communications and relations and human resource management. - 5 year Spiritual Mediumship Apprenticeship - Mastery of Meditation Teaching - Reiki Master Teacher - Diploma of Shamanic Practise - Kundalini Dance Teacher - Reverend - Minister of Walking Prayer - Qualifications taught by teachers not of this world: Channelling, Trance Mediumship, Ecstatic Shamanism, Psychic, Mediumship, Spirit Art, Manifesting, Tele-Empathy and so much more. - Author of 7 books, co-author of 1 book, created thousands of online classes, face-to-face classes, sessions and an estimated 1 million people, in over 61 countries influenced by Avril's endless commitment to awaken all who are ready in this world.

Avril's Long Story (and ongoing) Journey...
Avril Parker (nee Norman) woke up at a young age, devoted to the awakening and healing of humanity. Her Soul has come here with force, to touch the hearts of those who will listen and remember and she delights in helping them remember who they really are.

Avril was very clairvoyant as a young girl and often predicted events before they occurred. This gift is passed down from her Mothers line of the family. On her fathers side of the family are dowsers and other sacred ancestors who knew how to connect with the elements and energies of the Earth.

In 1994 at only 16 years old, Avril entered University and studied a Bachelor of Social Science at University, majority in psychology, counselling, human resource management, sociology and human communications and relations. She spent 5 years facilitating as a High Priestess in a Wiccan Coven, sharing rituals to empower women and men. After this she studied to Reiki Master and Teachers level. Following this she studied under a medium weekly for 5 years to master teaching Guided Meditation and Spiritualist Mediumship. After realizing talking to those who have passed over, was not her passion, she then continued on her earth-based studies, studying towards diplomas in Shamanic Practice, spiritual psychology, spiritual healing, metaphysics, NLP and continued to have personalised classes for her own development, with the Spiritual Guides who were initiating her. They taught her the art of channelling, honing her natural skills as a shaman, as well as spiritual guide drawing and even computer programming and many other useful traits. After a time the spiritual ways of the Earth began calling strongly to Avril once again. This called her to study Kundalini Dance to facilitator level. She also received a profound initiation by the spiritual elders of the Anangu tribe at Uluru on her 30th birthday and was given the great honour of being shown how to do specialised healing work shamanically.

Avril's most recent intensive training was to become a Minister of 'Walking Prayer', where she has been privileged to receive sacred training and initiations from the Elders of around 50 different tribes and places around the world. This non-denominational, non religious training acknowledges, she walks the prayer for the world, a prayer that for her, sings hope, joy, inner peace, anchors truth and empowers all, to be the change they wish to see in the world. Avril believes we are all part of the solution, the moment we decide to be. She is so honoured to work with others who hold their own unique prayers for good outcomes for the world and share their Essence Light in ways they are inspired to. In the early 2000's, Avril first began a small healing centre and class space from her home in Curl Curl in Sydney. Word of her connection spread rapidly and the demand for her services quickly outgrew her capability to help everyone on her own.

In 2006, Avril opened what became the very well known and busy healing centre and spiritual school 'Perfect Unison' at Lalchere Street in Curl Curl. Avril contributed to the awakening of thousands in Sydney at Perfect Unison. During her time owning it, she apprenticed hundreds of teachers and thousands of Lightworkers. Many of these sacred Souls are in turn on television and radio, sharing Avril's teachings and more, that their own beautiful Souls have added on. Again though, the number of people coming far exceeded what her and her 15 personally in-house specially trained teachers could keep up with, so Avril decided to start creating online content in 2006 to help more people receive access to her teachings.

Since then word of Avril's profound sessions and teachings have traveled world-wide and without advertising or using social media or even caring about SEO or any other kind of marketing, people managed to hear about Avril in 61 countries! Avril is not 'trying' to reach people or 'run a business' as a 'Lightworker'. Instead she is devoted to the awakening of light on this planet and she knows, the best way to make that happen is one sacred soul at a time. She does this work for the big picture.

In 2008, Avril also opened a retreat, conducting amazingly powerful intensive one-on-one retreats with her at her sacred Lightworker mountain sanctuary, Shamballa, for conscious individuals from all over the planet for 7 years, until again she was guided to move on to create her next splash in the world. From her humble beginnings of wanting to assist others, Avril has written 3 books, coauthored a 4th, (channelled another 3), created over 10,000 courses, created more than 1200 videos and guided meditations! She has conducted more than 40,000 one-on-one sessions and connected with more than 50,000 people personally, from around the world! Her web site newsletters and sharings have resulted in millions being reached and uplifted! She been published with other world famous authors like Neale Donald Walsch, Deepak Chopra, Mark Victor Hansen, Jerry & Esther Hicks and Wayne Dyer.

Avril is committed to raising awareness on the planet, of how each being can live with peace and happiness, without harming one another or Mother Earth. Her sacred work with individuals and groups, has created a profound impact. Her latest project which she is just beginning, will see her share even more teachings of this nature.

Her past clients and students built up a 'word-of-mouth' following, from all over the world before social media (which she didn't use for work until 2015). She never advertised. But her journey started small and just kept on going! Every time she is guided to share, so many come, because they feel compelled. Like attracts like or in this case, light attracts light. Avril's magnetism is infectious. Her spirit illuminates the spirit in others, so they may know the sacred within.

Apart from the natural gifts she was born with, Avril has developed a very strong channelling ability through dedicated practice, at times of up to, 80 hours a week. Her channelling ability is so concise, she was able to channel three books in three days in deep trance! Many of the teachings, readings and wisdom in healing sessions, have come directly from spiritual 'Light Beings' who work for and deeply care for, those they visit with through Avril. Avril specialises in connecting with Light Beings, some of whom are Angels or from other dimensional realms. These energies are simply the manifestation of the aspects of our Soul we are ready to connect with. She is also able to directly speak to the Soul of a person. This essence, sometimes called the Essence Self or Conscious Self, is the wisdom seat, that sits within all people. This has allowed Avril to connect with people's own Soul wisdom to guide them in sessions people find, deeply personalised, empowering and meaningful. She does not try and convince you to 'her way' (as she doesn't have a single way anyway!), but sees each persons journey to wholeness as a unqiue perspective, that needs to be nurtured.

With so many qualifications and so much experience, it is hard to define what Avril does or is, but you could describe her as a Mother, Psychic, Medium, Channel, Reverend, Teacher of Spiritual Teachers, Priestess, Master Healer, Shaman, Light Being, Angel, Oracle, Luminary or Medicine Woman. She would simply call herself a human being and servant to the Life Principle in all things, who is of course, still growing into remembrance of her own essence more deeply, every single day.

Having deepened even further into living, breathing and 'walking', a true path of hope and service, seeding good prayers for the world, the way the ancient ones did, for more than 25 years, Avril truly walks her talk in a prayer and presence people feel, just by being in her company. Her grace and compassion awakens others to their own. This presence has opened so many worldwide to their own purpose and prayer for the world, creating a ripple effect of wellbeing across the planet today. This ripple continues for Avril personally, with the next generation of Lightworker, she felt called to physically birth in 2017, when she welcomed her son into the world and began the marvellous journey of motherhood at 40 years old.

Avril enjoys supporting many charities who are also doing good for Mother Earth, Her animals and all people. She invests time, energy and money into helping those Lightworkers work their purpose, bettering the world.

Avril presently lives in Australia. After being guided to move to Coffs Harbour for a few years to hold an energetic support space both there and on her 128 acre property on leylines at Valla, Avril has now been guided back to her sacred mountain retreat and sanctuary in Valla to create sacred space for deeper embodiment.

In 2024, she is gearing up to offer some new adventures for consciousness seekers, which you'll see online soon. Avril lives with her husband and partner of 22 years, Jaie, and her young son Arthur and the furry family members, cats: Jade, Sabbat, Snowy and Lily and the newest family members Milli, Lightning, two beautiful miniature horses and their beautiful young new foal, Angel.

For a truly pure connection, connect with Avril's offerings. No doubt you too, will be touched by the Divine and grounded way in which Avril expresses this, to enrich the real world challenges of our lives.
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