Despite lots of apparent 'evidence' to the contrary, the world is ok. Humanity is ok. We are being guided through the biggest change of our lives and perhaps the biggest shift in human focus, since the dawning of time. No matter how you are personally being effected by the changes afoot, remember, there is method to this madness.

Whilst this change is underway, we need to turn our collective attention to the greater plan unfolding. For me to understand this plan, it took 25 years of listening to the Universe, as well as nearly 12 years of living in Nature on secluded mountains! The final part of my understanding came, when I was honoured to bring my little boy into the world. For so long, I have been 'mothering' this dimension and the people in it, into new frequencies of love, bliss and consciousness. But becoming a mother has changed my life forever and awoken an even deeper understanding in me.

Simply, we are being called to: Make Life, The Primary Objective'. This means, we must place life in all its forms, above all else.

But this is not the way we are currently living and the planet has been trying to show us this. Fires sweeping through the lungs of the planet (Brazil) in the Base Chakra continent of the world, followed by unprecedented bush fires in Australia on the Solar Plexus continent of the world, USA the Throat Chakra of the world and even now in Europe near the Heart Chakra of the world. These just the latest and loudest of nature's 'disasters'. Of course preceding the biggest pandemic we've seen our lives... Are we thinking about making, life the primary objective, yet? How much louder must the message be before we will listen?

So what does a world that is making life the primary objective look like? Personally, it means we must stop wasting, consuming and living without gratitude. Daily we must give thanks to Nature for the food we eat, the life force on our planet that sustains us, shelters us and brings us all the resources we need. Living in 'right relations' with the planet, means seeing the planet as the most valuable thing, we have to take care of. We must consider every living life form as precious, part of nature's balance. We still may react as all nature does and slap a mosquito that is trying to bite us, but generally speaking, if it isn't harming us, we must treasure all life forms, honouring their existence, as best we can.

Money must cease to be the central governing principle of life. Life, must instead, become the primary objective. I have written a whole module on this in the Scriptures of the Spirit Program, for all who wish to align themselves with the new governing principles the spirit of the earth and life, is trying to guide us towards.

To achieve this we need people awakened, thinking bigger than just themselves. We need a revolution of evolution when it comes to the planet's wellbeing and sustainable living for all human beings. We need to use our great human savvy and technology to fix what we have broken, polluted and made extinct. We must be agents of life, bringing more life to this reality as a result of our existence here, rather than just being like a virus, which replicates and consumes resources.

So many have wondered why we have globally manifested a pandemic to teach us. In my healing work of 25 years I have seen that what becomes reality in the outer world is simply a manifestation of the inner world's balance or imbalance. Look at how society has been. We are replicating. We are consuming all resources. We don't care about our host, this beautiful planet. We are killing our Mother. Enter Covid-19. This is our collective manifestation and it must be eradicated by our collective transformation.

I believe we can do this. I believe we have all the knowledge and skills to make this world a beautiful place for our youngsters and theirs. Enough of us are hearing the message and sharing the message with those who are ready to listen. Amazing people all over the planet are inventing, creating and collaborating. Indeed we are part of a world-wide exercise in oneness right now and what we can achieve when there is unity, to give us confidence, that we as a people can overcome any adversity, even the ginormous ones. Hopefully correcting our course with this virus will show everyone, that working together, we can also heal our beautiful planet and change our way of living, to ensure we all have a future.

My path has always been about awakening consciousness. For my son and your children, I am soon also going to be focusing on connecting those who are making a difference, with the resources they need. I believe the way forward is by knowing there is hope and by giving our resources where we can. I hope you will join me and become part of Mothers Tribe when it is live. Mothering in this new dimension of hope, positive change, awakened human beings and life. Mothering in the new world, healed, whole and life filled. Mothering in the future for our children, and theirs and theirs and theirs and theirs...

To help you awaken your understanding, I am giving away 25 years of the consciousness training I have created. Visit the online library, where I am adding in the content from my old web site. My Facebook page will tell you when new content is loaded so please join me there. You can also help the outer world and be inspired by those working from inspiration to change things for the better. Join Mother's Tribe and our facebook group and be inspired by those helping make life the primary objective. Who knows, maybe you will be able to help in some way. If we all work together, we will change the entire way we live, to one filled with hope, happiness, abundance and the ecstatic life force we were always meant to enjoy.

Spread the word...
We are the ones we've been waiting for.
The time is now.
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