Here are the terms and conditions under which Avril Parker, nee Norman offers her classes, products, retreats, services and programs through her web site and retreat centre in Valla and Newee Creek NSW Australia.

By using the client and student services or products advertised herein, or visiting, browsing, shopping, booking, enrolling, accessing or otherwise using this web site ( or any of our courses, products or services operated by Avril Parker, nee Norman; you agree that you are bound to the terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice at any time at Avril's sole discretion. (The terms and conditions where last updated on 10th November 2023 @ 3:18pm)

By visiting, accessing or otherwise using this web site after a change has been posted to these conditions, the Customer accepts that change. Customers should check these terms and conditions each time they visit.

These Terms and Conditions constitute a legal contract between you and Avril Parker, nee Norman. (References to "you" or "your" or the "Customer" shall relate to a Customer of Avril Parker, nee Norman, this web site '' or a person that visits with Avril for a face-to-face retreat, uses the services, products or classes that we offer there, or browses, shops, books, purchases products, enrolls, accesses or otherwise uses this web site '', or the services and products described herein. References to "we" or "our" or "us" shall relate to Avril Parker, nee Norman ABN: 17 958 068 825.

By visiting, browsing, shopping, purchasing products, booking, accessing or otherwise using the site or the services or courses we offer, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree to the Terms and Conditions, please do not use our web site or purchase our offered services or products.

100% Client Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee

We are so sure you will thoroughly enjoy sessions, products, classes and retreat journey's with Avril that if you attend a class with us, online or offline or come to a retreat journey, where you have fully participated, or if you have a session with her and for any reason you do not thoroughly enjoy and feel immense benefit from your encounter, you can have 100% of your money back, no questions asked. However, please be aware that this special money back guarantee will only be offered once per client, to avoid people consciously booking in and then requesting money back over and again.

Privacy Policy

We thoroughly value your privacy. Any information collected on our web site is used internally, solely for the purpose of marketing and processing transactions. We do not intentionally give out or otherwise sell any personal information received via this web site to any third party, with the exception of:
1)- processing credit card information through Paypal,
2)- the storage of your contact information in for appointments you book,
3)- and the sharing of your email address with our email marketing provider (either constant contact or mailchimp). You may opt out of this marketing whenever you choose.

Our intention in using these third party services is to better service you. All addresses collected are collected for the purpose of being able to offer our products and give information about updates to you only. During some sessions we may collect private client information, as per the codes of practice from the professional organizations we are accredited through. This information is used for the benefit and safety of our clients (including but not limited to medical/illness information) during their sessions. This information is stored in a secure location and will never be intentionally disclosed to any third party. All written and verbal communications which occur between us and clients are also completely confidential.

Cancellation & Refunds Policy

Please don't book in for any of our programs, retreat journey's, classes or services unless you are absolutely sure you can attend! Cancellations muck everyone around.

Face-to-Face Classes on Retreat & Retreat Journeys: A deposit is required to secure your place in a retreat or retreat class on booking. Unless otherwise organised, the final balance is required 3 months from the start date of the retreat or retreat class. There are no refunds guaranteed if you need to cancel for any reason, as replacement students in retreat journeys or face-to-face retreat classes are not always possible. However if we can fill your spot with another approved student, we will always attempt to. If this happens, we are happy to offer you a credit for the same value, which you can use with us at some other time.
Face-to-Face Classes:
A 100% cost is required to secure your place in a face-to-face class on booking. There are no refunds guaranteed if you need to cancel for any reason, as replacement students in face-to-face classes are not always possible. However if we can fill your spot with another approved student, she will always attempt to. If this happens, she is happy to offer you a credit for the same value, which you can use with her at some other time.
The 100% cost payment is required at the time of booking. There are no refunds if you need to cancel an appointment for any reason, as replacement clients for your appointment are not always possible, unless at least 49 hours notice is given where a credit will be issued which you can use for any of our offerings. However if 49 or more hours notice is not given and if we can fill your reserved time with another client, we will always attempt to. If this happens, we are happy to offer you a credit for the same value.

Online Classes:

The 100% cost payment is required at the time of enrolling. Online classes are completely non-transferable and non-refundable unless you invoke the money back guarantee.

Books and Guided Meditations created by Avril:

The 100% cost payment is required at the time of purchasing. Online products and digital downloads are completely non-transferable and non-refundable unless you invoke the money back guarantee. All meditation downloads were created at our centre or retreat and are not professional recordings, although we believe they are of a high enough quality for you to thoroughly enjoy, often including the sounds of nature, as well as the massive healing energies of our sacred spaces.


All payments may be made by Paypal. We do not accept personal cheques, direct deposits, cash or postal money orders.

Liability Policy

Limitation of Liability: Under no circumstances, including, but not limited to, negligence, shall we be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages, including, but not limited to, personal damage to self, others, loss of assets, or profit, arising out of the use, or the inability to use the products or services advertised we offer. We are not responsible for any liability, or damage a client or student may incur whilst attending a course, reading, retreat journey, healing or any of the other services we provide, or as a result of actions taken or misactions, nor do we accept any responsibility for the information imparted in a course, reading session, retreat, healing session or any of the other services we provide. Students and clients must take full personal responsibility for their usage of the information provided. We give no warranty on the choice of products or services you make. Full details are displayed on our web site as to what the item will entail. If for any reason you are not happy with your selection this remains your responsibility.

If visiting Avril at retreat, please also note, the Australian bush includes animals and plants that can cause harm to human beings. Camping and other outdoor activities should only be undertaken by persons who are sufficiently fit and healthy to deal with outdoor challenges. By taking part in our (retreat) activities, you are accepting responsibility for any losses which may follow from these challenging activities. We will not be liable for any loss incurred by students and clients who engage in such activities, unless as a result of the willful wrongful actings of us (which terms shall include all employees, invitees and contractors). Students and clients attending retreats with us on the land enter the property at their own risk. If you suffer from allergies of any kind, please ensure you notify us on arrival and bring your medication to help yourself. Please make sure Avril knows where it is also. When retreat-ing on the land, the nearest hospital is 15 minutes away, so being able to self-care is very important. Please alert us to any allergies, medications or health conditions you have, so we may be aware of these if you require medical attention and take the very best care of you we can.

Refusal Policy

Right to Refuse Entry & Services: For the benefit of all of our clients and students and to preserve the peaceful state of our retreats, we reserve the right to ask anyone to leave our retreat or web site for any reason at any time. We also reserve the right to stop anyone from entering our land or premises or online student forums at any time for any reason, if we feel that their presence disturbs the tranquility of our physical or cyber sanctuary. We also reserve the right to refuse clients services, if we feel clients are not benefiting from the sessions in a way, we are satisfied with. At all times she we endeavor to help clients find further resources, where possible. If you are asked to leave or refused entry you also waive your right to a refund. We are committed to co-creating peace in the world and will not tolerate abusive or disruptive endangering of our community or sanctuary.

Copyright Policy

All of Avril's products, digital downloads, books, manuals, class recordings, class notes, audio files and video files, as well as our session recordings, retreat recordings, class teachings, newsletters, posts and concepts are protected by copyright. Please do not copy Avril's material, without written authorisation to do so. Please do not share Avril's material, without permission to do so. Please feel free to 'share' Avril's content from Facebook, whilst keeping reference to the original author. All copyright infringements are against the law. Please act consciously and responsibly with Avril's years of effort, to gain the understandings she shares.
Other Questions
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