I sincerely delight in helping conscious people

who are trying to better themselves and contribute to this world in some way. To help you help yourself and make this world a more beautiful place for all, I am offering discounted monthly session subscriptions (nearly 20% off, instead of $300AUD, only $250AUD per hour).

How It Works

As a Frequent Flyer, I offer you the discount on your sessions, when you are having them at least monthly. When you order a subscription, you book for 6 months (6, 1 hour sessions) or 12 months (12, 1 hour sessions). In the future I may stop offering subscriptions if my books are getting too full and I cannot be available for my current clients and students quickly enough, but if you reserve a subscription now for the 12 months for example, you will get 12 months of 1 hour time slots with me, guaranteed at this price, for your monthly reserved slot. If you know you want to develop and grow, its a great way to help ensure I am available for you when you need me and save yourself lots of money as well. Once your subscription is set up through Paypal, my admin staff will contact you via email and ask what time and day you would prefer from my current available times and days. These will then be booked in for you, so you have a session scheduled shortly after each subscription payment is processed by Paypal. You will receive an email each time this happens.


If you need to change the date of the session, you can do this easily using the edit link in the email confirmation you receive. If you are a couple and you want to share the sessions between you, you can. If you want to use two sessions for a two hour session like a Soul Map, you can. If you change your mind after the first session, no problem, we will let you know how to easily cancel your payment subscription with PayPal. However to prevent people booking in, getting the discount and cancellling, you can only use this subscription offering again, if you completed the last subscription plan you purchased. Any other questions, please ask.
Please choose the length of time you would like your subscription for and then click on the correct Paypal button below:
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