Live Your Best Life, Heal, Thrive, Come Alive!

Times have been tough. This journey experience is for Souls seeking authentic consciousness, who want to live with grace, ease and to be fully activated into their best life now.

You'll experience ways to tune your nervous system, releasing the trauma and stress of life's challenges, moving your experience from survive, to thrive.

You'll be shown how to bring the meaning, depth, joy and bliss back to your experience, through easy practices and perspetive shifts.

At the end of the journey, you will feel on path, on purpose, energised, clear and connected with your Divine, however you walk in right relations with it - no matter what is happening in the world around you.

This is a brand new program, containing teachings Avril has never before shared. It will be a personal healing journey, one that will activate your best self and life and bring deep grace into your experience. It will also help you grow into new perspectives and ways of being, to make living the delicious experience, it is supposed to be.

Your Journey Can Include:

To make this program affordable to all who would like to enjoy it, program components have been separated into 9 levels, so you can choose up to what level suits your time and budget.

You can just do level 1 and stop there or do level 2 as well. If you do level 2, you can do level 3 and so on. The more levels you do, the more expensive the program is, allowing those with limited budgets who would still like to benefit from the experience, to do so at lower levels. You can't do level 1 and 3 and miss level 2, as each lower level is a prerequisite for the next one. This is to keep the higher levels of experience energetically expanding for all students.

Red - Entry Level 1 - Each fortnight, you will receive access to a channelled 1-2 hour digital class, which you can do when it suits you, that is channelled by Avril especially to be exactly what is needed at the time for the enrolled class students. Classes may include meditations to soothe and align, shamanic journeywork to create understanding and bliss, exercises to enrich hope, wellbeing and joy, healing frequencies for activation and radiance. Each class will bring the student healing and uplifting energies to help them live their best life, unimpacted by the stress of the times. If you're looking for the very best version of your life, the energies in these classes, will help you find it! You can just register for this level or continue to the next level, to receive even more support.

Orange Level 2 - For the lucky participants who are also enjoying the orange level, you will each receive a weekly healing transmission from Avril. This will be sent to the group at a specified time each week. A link to your energy field will also stay on a special healing grid during the duration of your program experience. This energy plguin will give you more vitality, help you with greater understanding, heal you more quickly if you become unwell and bring your light into its most vibrant state. You'll have extra energy to help you thrive. How each student uses this energy will be unique to their choices. This is something Avril has never offered before. It should allow you to receive weekly healing energy, without large costs, helping everyone thrive, no matter the pressures of their budgetary concerns.

Yellow Level 3 - For students wanting more interaction through their class modules, this part of the offering is available to give students personal feedback from their class module experience. Conducted within an online class forum, you will receive 15 minutes of Avril's personal time to read your forum message and reply to you. You may choose to share your class experience or anything the class is bringing up for you personally. Messages can be either confidential or shared so the other class participants can read it, if you choose this. You'll also be able to choose whether you share under a nickname or your actual name, so you can reveal yourself to only those, who you choose to. Students of Avril's previous classes have often made great lifelong friends, through their shared experiences.

Green Level 4 - For students who are part of the first three levels, they can also add Soul Coaching to their program menu. Soul Coaching sessions are sacred phone conversations where you get one-on-one time with Avril. So many people from around the world, love these sessions! Students have even called Avril, 'The Spiritual Version of Google!' Avril combines her knowledge of helping others and her channelling capacity to bring through new ideas to stretch your mind and energy into new heights of joy, understanding, hope and love. For the people in this program, they will also be getting a massive discount on their soul coaching sessions (almost 50% off the normal session cost!), so for people who are regular clients of Avril's, this is another gift of the Enrichment program.

Blue Level 5 - Only for students who are fully participating and have completed the first four levels, Avril is offering a sacred face-to-face retreat *. This will be held on Avril's incredible 'Sanctuary of the Spirit Retreat', in Valla on the East Coast of Australia. Here students will be able to explore 125 acres of vast ocean and mountain views, endless forest adventures and soak in the incredible energy from this special ley line location. During the retreat, Avril will hold a sacred container of energy for the students. This is often experienced as an alchemical playground, where consciousness can fully surface and the best version of ourselves and our lives, is loved into being. Students will explore, journey, move, create, grow, expand and be delighted by the uplifting energies Avril holds on the land. (For overseas students who cannot join us physically, they can also experience the journey digitally. Just contact Avril for more information.) Students at this level will need to organise accomodation in nearby Nambucca Heads, one of Australia's favourite holiday destinations! Each day transport will arrive to your accomodation to bring you to and from the retreat. Delicious food while you are at the retreat will also be provided for you.

Purple Level 6 - Students who have fully participated in all of the first four levels and would like to attend the retreat, as described above, but would like to camp on the land can enjoy this level. You'll need to bring your tent, bedding, camping bed, food and linen. You'll be able to use the camp kitchen, bathroom and ammenities in Sanctuary Studio.

Violet Level 7 - With our international students in mind... If you'd like to attend and have us organise a comfortable glamping space for you and ensure your retreat experience is catered, so you just have to turn up and enjoy the retreat experience, this can be organised for you. Places are very limited for this option, so please get in touch to ensure one is still available.

Magenta Level 8 - With our camping averse students in mind... a bit more fancy... If you're not so much interested in glamourous camping, we'll set up a bedroom for you to enjoy in the Sanctuary Studio. Your food will be onsite for you to enjoy and you'll be able to use the share bathroom and kitchen. Places are very limited for this option, so please get in touch to ensure one is still available.

Silver Level 9 - You travel a long way for retreats. If you'd like to enjoy some one-on-one in-person time with Avril, to delve into the alchemical space and magic up more insights, embodiment and grace for your journey, this experience is for you. You'll be invited to stay on the land for one more night and day, following a special program Avril channels just for you, designed with your activation and bliss in mind. Avril does not see people one on one anymore, because her energy is too large for most people to sit in. Prepare for a powerful embodiment of your own divinity. This lucky student will have the space and frequencies set just for them, to open and expand! Move through blocks, open into your Essence Self. Become. There is only one place available for this option, so please get in touch to ensure one is still available.

How Is 'Enrichment' Valued?

Click the image above to see the value comparison for each level.

Please note: Students who complete the modules with feedback, healing and soul coaching (levels 1,2,3,4), can apply to do the retreat later (by October 2024), if there are still places available. The cost of doing it this way will be an extra $1000 on top of the price comparison chart prices. Save $1000 or more if you book the retreat at the start of the program, as it helps us plan in advance and not at the last minute :)

What Sort of Content Will I Experience?

The life changing kind! Just read some of Avril's reviews to see what others have experienced from their interactions with her.

Each module will contain a healing space to create positive health, wellbeing, abundance and joy. Through sacred processes, ritual, ceremony, meditations, visualisations, experices, physical expressions and instruction, Avril will use shamanic practice, channelling, trance energies, indigenous wisdom, Reiki and multi-dimensional mediumship frequencies to enhance and guide. You can also expect updates on how to navigate the global consciousness as it shifts, to help you thrive in all ways. The focus on each module will be acknowledgement of what is, without dwelling in the negative, moving into the most empowered, authentic state possible. Taking this truly embodied and commanding response will allow students to become the very best version of themselves.

Avril will send every student in the program distant healing to support their unfolding journeys through a sacred healing grid set up especially for this program. This kind of healing will activate, but not shift in a negative way. It will help students feel like they have extra energy, centre their nervous system, amplify their optimism and vitality and improve their receptivity to inspiration.

Soul Coaching sessions are a chance to utilise Avril's vast spiritual knowledge and connection to gain perspectives and advice that assist your wellbeing and advancement. These sessions are conducted one-on-one, for 1 hour over the phone and are normally valued at $300 per hour. Students will gain access to this sacred time with Avril for almost half the normal price in this program. Avril will contact each student to arrange a time slot that suits them and Avril and these sessions will be reserved at the program beginning, to ensure the students most suitable time is reserved. Students concerned about their availability, should be aware that schedulling changes can easily be made, should the need arise.

Students who are enjoying the modules with feedback will also get access to a special online message forum where they will be able to confidentially post or read other students experiences and connect with one another. After your experience with each module, you may ask Avril questions about how you can thrive and become enriched. Her answers will always be focused on this outcome for you.

The Retreat is an organic expression of the needs of students at the time. This is more like an alchemical experience, where what needs to be embodied will have space held to do so. Avril utilises all of her skills and energy space holding potential to assist. Students may be invited to draw, dance, meditate, enjoy ceremony, express, connect, weave creativity and sit in their Soul Self. They can expect huge gracefully embodied shifts, held to birth them lovingly into their full potential. Daily, there will be 4-5 hours a day of process work at the retreat with Avril, followed by lots of self contemplation time. There will also be a special social space for students who are on the land, who feel like connecting with others socially. The intentions and personal space of each student are always deeply respected. The land's energy is transformative, healing and encouraging. It is the perfect energy space to discover enrichment.

What Are The Dates?
Fortnightly modules begin February 17th 2024 until 1st February 2025.

Weekly Healing Transmissions will be sent on Friday evenings at 7pm (starting 23rd February 2024).

Feedback for enrolled students of level 3, will receive their feedback just before the next module is released.

Soul Coaching will be scheduled with each individual student at a regular time on Sunday or Friday between 9-1pm AEST. If this time does not work for you, but you would like to participate, please connect and request a special time with Avril and she will do her best to accomodate you if at all possible.

The retreat in Valla NSW Australia will begin on Saturday 8th February 2025, running for 5 days finishing 12th February 2025. Students who are staying at the retreat are welcome to arrive on Friday 7th February after 2pm to set up and settle in, ready for Saturday.
How Many Students Will Be Accepted?
Avril only ever allows small numbers of students to participate, to ensure each student receives adequate energy, support and attention during the process. There may be more students accepted for the online modules and far fewer for the retreat experience. Final numbers will depend on student preferences, as there is a limited number of students who can be catered for completely. The level 9 experience will only be offered to one student.

Frequently Asked Questions
- What if I change my mind?
Avril always offers a full refund to any student who does not thoroughly enjoy and feel great benefit from her programs. In the 25 years of running classes, no one has ever asked for a refund! For this program there will be a $500 non refundable deposit. If a place is held for you, much is done to prepare for your placement. Please don't enroll unless you are really committed to the journey. A payment plan for the balance must be started or full payment made by 27th January 2024. You can also pay/begin earlier if you prefer.

- What technology will I need to access the class?
Internet with normal streaming capacity. You can access the content on smartphone, tablet or pc. You might also enjoy having some headphones you can move around in. Avril will be presenting movement classes in some modules and you may like to turn the music way up while you boogie! (Avril uses bose sport headphones when she wants to dance with very loud music and they stay in well.)

- Where is the retreat held?
On Avril's personal private property in Valla (NSW 2448 Australia). Address details will only be given to qualifying, attending students. The amazing property holds key ley lines on the east coast of Australia and has been called 'Epic' by previous people lucky enough to spend time there. Ocean views, mountain views, 125 acres of natural grounds to explore and experience. Nambucca Heads locally has many wonderful kinds of accomodation and is a favourite tourist destination for Australians. International or travelling students can fly into Coffs Harbour Airport. Avril will assist students to arrange carpooling and give any helpful advice regarding travel, once student numbers are confirmed.

Have another question? Please ask.

How do I Enroll?
First, you'll need to decide up to what level you'd like to experience. Here is a simple comparison chart for you.

*Special Note: As the retreat is located in a forested location, should bushfire threaten the safety of students at any stage before the retreat begins, the retreat will likely be cancelled and all students will be offered a full refund for their retreat costs. Avril will also give international students as much notice as possible, so they can change their flights. Depending on the situation at the time, students may also be offered a new set of dates for the retreat with their payment transferrring to this date, if it suits their availability. If there is any bushfire activity that begins during the retreat, Avril will continue the retreat to completion from Nambucca Heads if at all possible. Students who have paid extra to stay on the land in the upper levels, will have these funds refunded and help will be given to help them to find last minute accomodation in Nambucca Heads. There has not been a serious fire on this land since 1938, but nevertheless, student safety is our top priority, so we must plan for the worst case scenario, even though it is very unlikely to be an issue.
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