Sacred Spirit Art Drawn For You By Avril

Avril utterly delights in bringing people's Guides and Totems to life. Each image is a bridge to the frequency of your Spiritual Guidance and comes with a message from the spiritual energy she is connecting to for you.

Avril also draws Soul images, which are a direct transmission from your Soul. Images help you to recentre to your Divine Essence and provide endless connection to the deeper frequencies of your Soul.

Each drawing can take up to four hours to complete and is done while Avril is in full trance, connected to the frequency of the energy and embedding it into your drawing. People love the energy and feel it so profoundly when they place their drawing up at home. Here are some examples of a few of Avril's drawings over the years:-

Available Session Kinds

1)- Soul Drawings take 2 hours and cost $320 AUD. They are a bridge to the persons Soul. This allows them to feel more connected with their own intuition and Divinity, by linking them to their most sacred inner energy, every time they look at the art.

2)- Spirit Guide Drawings take 2.5 hours and cost $395 AUD. These drawings can be done for a specific Guide someone wants or simply as a way to connect with your Guide, if you don't know who they are. When you have a Guide change, these drawings can bridge the energy between you and the higher frequency of your new Guide.

3)- Spirit Guide and Totem Drawings take 4 hours and cost $620 AUD. These drawings can be done for your Medicine, a totem or a special power animal you connect with. They include a bridge to the energy of your Soul's Medicine or totem of the moment AND your Spirit Guide! Offering a lovely transmission to help you tap into the most sacred energies available to assist you.

How to Book In

If you would like to book in a drawing, please contact us. Avril completes the drawings in the order they are requested, outside of her normal bookings, as the inspiration to complete it, flows into her. Once you have paid for your drawing, you'll join the queue to receive your beautiful drawing. When an enquiry is received, we will sent you an invoice to pay. You'll also need to let us know your postal address, so we can send to you. International mail costs an extra $20. Australia postage is included. Once your payment and email are received, we'll let you know an approximate time frame for your drawings completion. Once your drawing is complete, we'll let you know it is posted, so you can look out for its arrival.

Gift Vouchers

These beautiful drawings can also be gifted to others. We will issue you with a digital gift certificate for the drawing you choose to gift. When the person receiving the drawing is ready, they may just contact us and let us know and their special drawing will be added to Avril's request list. Both you and they will be notified when the drawing is posted.
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